Student and teacher Awards

Young Achievers

The Young Achievers Award was created by the International Leadership Network. We pay an annual fee of $400 to participate in the program. One student is nominated from each homeroom by the teacher based on the criteria outlined in the application.

Once the student is chosen, a biographical application is sent home to parents to complete. These two documents are returned to the Foundation by the requested deadline. Students chosen in this manner are Classroom Winners. A committee of 4 board members and the executive director read the applications and select five students from each grade-level. Grade levels are 1-2, 3-4, 5- 6, 7-8. This makes 20 Grade-level Winners.

These 20 students are invited in to interview by the YA committee and one student from each grade-level is chosen as a Finalist. These finalists are announced at the Excellence in Education Celebration and then their names are submitted to the International Leadership Network to compete again other finalists from other states and countries.

Highlight from 2022 Event

Each student is called on stage to be recognized by community leaders. The process can be very daunting for our younger students.

One of our 1 – 2 Grade-level winners was very nervous to interview. Her mother called and said she just wasn’t sure that the student could do it. I explained she would interview in a group and see the questions beforehand. She was very nervous during the interview, I was encouraging and supportive.

As it turned out she was chosen as the Finalist! She was so surprised and excited at the Excellence in Education Celebration when her name was announced. She learned a valuable lesson that night.

Even if you are nervous and afraid, if you pull through and complete the task – you can succeed and be a winner! I love to see that kind of transformation happen with our students. That is what acknowledgement and awards are supposed to accomplish.

Outstanding Teacher Award

The Outstanding Teacher Award is given to three outstanding teachers from each school district.

The schools actually chose the winners of this award, they are acknowledged in many different platforms for this recognition. We acknowledge the teachers chosen by the schools.

Congratulations to our 2022 Outstanding Teachers

Alyce Parrott

Alyce teaches Math to 3rd Graders at Philadelphia Elementary School.


Casey has been teaching for seven years.

Lisa Michaels

Lisa has been teaching for 19 years. Currently she teaches Band and Music to 6-8th graders at Fort Loudoun Middle School.

Taylor Peters

Taylor teaches English 1 to 5th graders at Loudon High School. Taylor has been teaching for 5 years.

Hilary Beth Hudson

Hilary has been teaching for seven years and currently teaches English Language Arts to 6th grade at Lenoir City Intermediate Middle School.

Christina Mullinax

Christina teaches Algebra I &II, Statistics, and AP Calculus to 9th – 12th graders at Lenoir City High School. Christina has been teaching for 8 years.

Margaret Bright

Margaret teaches second graders at Lenoir City Elementary School. Margaret has been teaching for 22 years.

Teacher Testimonial

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Annual Essay Contest

This contest is sponsored by Full-Line Insurance to offer writing challenges to students in different grade levels and to support writing curriculum in schools.

Each participating class write an essay on the selected topic to suite the guidelines.  Teachers select the best essay from their class and submit it to the Foundation. A panel of three judges read the blind essays and chose winners based on set criteria

Congratulations to our 2022 Essay Winners

Third & Fourth Grade

First Place - Adalynn Guzman

Highland Park Elementary, Grade 4, Teacher Mrs. Wheat

Second Place - Gage Liska

Steekee Elementary, Grade 3, Teacher Ms. Newman

Third Place - Victoria Marie Jones

Eaton Elementary, Grade 3, Teacher Ms. Wellner

Fifth & Sixth Grade

First Place - Rebekah Elizabeth Silver

Greenback School, Grade 6, Teacher Ms. Singer

Second Place - Natalie Pinkston

Loudon Elementary, Grade 5, Teacher Ms. Gilbert

Third Place - Sergio Villatoro Guay

Lenoir City Intermediate/Middle, Grade 6, Teacher Ms. Rytz

Seventh & Eighth Grade

First Place - Briseis Hutchens

Greenback School, Grade 8, Teacher Ms. Cox

Second Place - Piper Smallen

Lenoir City Intermediate/Middle, Grade 7, Teacher Ms. Lane

Third Place - Daniela Chavez-Nino

Lenoir City Intermediate/Middle, Grade 8, Teacher Ms. Boyd

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