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Great Idea! Grants

Great Idea! Grants is our annual grant cycle which gives teachers opportunities to apply for funds to support curriculum.

This grant cycle was created to provide teachers with an annual opportunity to apply for funds to support their classroom curriculum with projects and learning supplies based on their own ideas as to what would interest their students.


Teachers assisted with Great Idea! Grants from 2020 - 2022

Teacher Testimonial

Thank you so much for funding our “Digging History” project for our first-grade students at Loudon Elementary School. Students were able to experience digging gems out. This activity went along with our CKLA reading curriculum, History of the Earth domain. Students learned about fifteen different types of minerals, then had the chance to observe these gems with their own eyes. They were able to see how difficult it was to get the gems out and how it took lots of patience.  They were also able to identify and keep the gems! It was an absolute blast for them!

Angelika Fields, Loudon Elementary School

How to Apply

We have a programs committee composed of one representative from each school. Those members meet annually and communicate grant cycles and the deadlines for applications and follow-up reports.


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Given in scholarships from 2020 - 2022

Scholarships have been awarded since the Foundation was created, so many years prior to my tenure with the Foundation. The Scholarships are funded in different ways, we fund three $1,000 scholarships for each high school – Lenoir City, Loudon and Greenback. We have other scholarships funding by Kiwanis, and private individuals.

How to Apply

Students apply by receiving the annual application from guidance counselors.

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